The Control Panel contains some additional tools for the meeting. To display the list of options, click the Tools button. The following menu will open:

The following sections describe the most important options:

5.5.1 Whiteboard
5.5.2 Uploading and Demonstrating Files
5.5.3 Polls

5.5.1 Whiteboard

A whiteboard is a convenient way to illustrate the object of the issues discussed. It can be used by any meeting participant.
To view and edit a whiteboard, in the Control Panel, click the Tools button and select Whiteboard. The system displays a whiteboard and a set of tools for drawing/painting on it in the Working Area.

As soon as you start drawing, your illustration becomes available for all the other participants in the Working Area.

5.5.2 Uploading and Demonstrating Files

After a meeting has been started, the meeting owner and the meeting participants can upload files for the meeting.
To upload a file, perform the following:
In the Control Panel, click the Tools button and select Files. The system displays the Conference materials window in the Working Area.
To upload a file, click the Upload button and choose a file on your PC. After the file has been downloaded, it is displayed in the meeting materials list.

The maximal file size is defined by the administrator, while the total file size is defined by the tariff.
Each file in the meeting materials list has the following buttons:

111111The View button: Displays the content of the file in the Working Area. The system supports the following file formats: svg, csv, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx, doc, docx, rtf, odt, txt, xml, html, bmp, jpg, jpeg, png, gif.

111111Deletes the file (only a moderator can do it). After a file has been deleted, it cannot be restored.

111111Displays a pop-up window with the File stored until: year-month-day info text.

5.5.3 Polls

You can create a poll for the meeting participants as follows:
Open the Tools drop-down list in the Control Panel and select Poll. The system displays a polling section in the Working Area.
Click the Add poll button. The system displays a new poll form.

Specify a poll question in the Input question textbox.
Add choices by clicking the Add choice button. To delete a choice, click the Delete button next to the choice.
Select one of the options:
111111111One choice poll: To answer the question, only one choice can be selected.
111111111Multiple choice poll: To answer the question, several choices can be selected.
111111111Rating poll: To answer the question, for every choice a value from 0 to 10 can be selected.
Then select one of the options by clicking the corresponding button:
111111111Save and start: The poll will start and will be available for all users in the Poll tab.
111111111Save: The poll will be saved, but won't be visible to the participants.
111111111Cancel: Cancel creating a poll.
An active poll looks for the poll creator like this:

You can vote (the Vote button), edit the poll (the Edit button), and delete the poll (the Delete button).
A participant can only vote.
Once you vote, you cannot change your choice and vote again.
To see the results of a poll, click the End polling button. The system displays the poll results on the Poll tab for all the meeting participants. The poll creator can edit the poll (the Edit button), delete it (the Delete button), or restart it (the Restart poll button).
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