Scheduling an Upcoming Meeting
To schedule an upcoming meeting, in the Meetings window click the Schedule button:

The Schedule conference form opens:

This form contains the following elements:
Conference topic: Input the topic of the upcoming meeting or leave the default topic.
Conference ID: The meeting ID.
Password: The meeting password.
Video quality level: Selects the video quality level – High / Good / Middle(default) / Low.
Prevent joining without conference owner: Nobody can join a meeting until the meeting owner joins it.
Chat premoderation: Before getting to the chat window, all chat messages are first approved by a moderator.
Conference mode:
111111111Discussion mode (default): All the meeting participants can speak simultaneously. This mode is used for most of work discussions.
111111111Role-based mode: All the meeting participants except the moderator are connected to the meeting as listeners. The moderator allows only selected listeners to speak. This mode is used to work with large audiences and allows you to arrange speakers and handle questions-and-answers.
111111111Presentation: All the meeting participants see and hear only the presenter, while the presenter and the moderator can see all the participants.
111111111Seminar: The meeting participants can see and hear only the presenter, while the presenter and the moderator can see each participant.
111111111Bitrate limitation: Allows you to limit your traffic bitrate.
Start time / End time: Setting the meeting start/end date and time:
Fill in the form and click the Schedule conference button.
After scheduling a meeting, the owner can invite participants to this meeting.

Starting a Scheduled Meeting

To start a scheduled meeting or to restart a past meeting, click the name of this meeting in the Meetings window:

Another way of starting a meeting in the Meetings window is to long press the meeting name and to select Begin in the menu.
In the both cases the meeting starts and the Meeting Window opens.

Starting an Instant Meeting

Besides a scheduled meeting, you can also start an instant meeting (with the default parameters). To start an instant meeting, click the Begin button in the Meetings window.

After clicking this button, you get to the Meeting Window.
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