You can join a meeting using the Schedule a Conference menu tab. It contains advanced conference settings.
It has two parts: the upper part and the lower part. The upper part contains the following sections.

General meeting info: Conference topic, Conference ID, Password.
Conference mode: Sets the mode of the scheduled meeting.
111111111Discussion mode: All the meeting participants can speak simultaneously. This mode is used for most of work discussions.
111111111Role-based mode: All the meeting participants except the moderator are connected to the meeting as listeners. The moderator allows only selected listeners to speak. This mode is used to work with large audiences and allows you to arrange speakers and handle questions-and-answers.
111111111Webinar: All the meeting participants see and hear only the presenter, while the presenter and the moderator can see all the participants.
111111111Seminar: The meeting participants can see and hear only the presenter, while the presenter and the moderator can see each participant.
Video settings:
111111111Video quality level: High, Good, Middle, Low.
111111111Quality of video from client: Default, High (HD), Medium (VGA), Low (QVGA).
Additional settings (checkboxes):
111111111Prevent joining without conference owner: Nobody can join a meeting until the meeting owner joins it.
111111111Chat premoderation: Before getting to the Chat window, all chat messages are first approved by a moderator.
111111111Periodicity: Periodicity of starting this meeting (e.g. each Day/Week/Month/Year).
111111111More: Other options.
The meeting date/time settings:
111111111Start time:
111111111End time:
111111111• Timezone:
After filling in the form you can click one of the following options:
The Save as a template link: Saves the current settings as default settings for new scheduled meetings.
The Start conference now link: Starts immediately a meeting with the current settings.
The Schedule conference button: Schedules a meeting with the current settings for the date/time indicated in the Start time option.

The lower part contains a table with the list of scheduled meetings:

Most of the table fields have been described above, except for the following fields:
Status: The status of the meeting in the table row: online (the green icon) or offline (the gray icon).
Manage: Contains the following icons:

111111Enter this meeting (only for a scheduled meeting).

111111View the information about this meeting.

111111Edit this meeting options (only for a scheduled meeting). After clicking this button the Edit conference form for this meeting opens.

111111Delete the meeting. After clicking this button the Delete this conference? confirmation window appears on the screen.
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