The Control Panel of the Meeting Window allows the participants to use different options during the meeting:

Microphone, Speakers and Video Camera Settings

The Disable microphone / Enable microphone button: Click this button to disable/enable your microphone. Click the ^ arrow next to the button to display the audio options:
111111111Select a microphone: Allows you to select a microphone available on your device.
111111111Select speakers: Allows you to select speakers available on your device.
111111111Audio settings: Opens the advanced audio settings.
The Stop video / Enable video button: Click this button to disable/enable your video camera. Click the ^ arrow next to the button to display the video options:
111111111Select a video camera: Allows you to select a video camera available on your device.
111111111Video settings: Opens the advanced video settings.

Participants and Chat Buttons

The Participants button: Opens the list of the meeting participants in the Sidebar.
The Chat button: Opens the meeting chat in the Sidebar.

All participants who are not blocked from the chat can leave text messages. The Chat window contains the following controls at the bottom:
The Type message here textbox: Allows you to write new messages.

111111Allows you to select a recipient from the participant list if you don’t want all the participants to read your message (the To all option by default)

111111Sends the message which is inside the textbox.

Screen Sharing

The Screen sharing / Stop sharing button: Starts/stops sharing your screen with other meeting participants. After clicking the Screen sharing button the Share your screen window will appear.

You can choose the window to share with the participants using the following menu tabs:
Your Entire Screen: Show the entire screen which you have chosen from the list: Screen 1, Screen 2, etc.
Application Window: Show the application window you have chosen from the list of windows of currently running applications.
Chrome Tab: Show the tab you have chosen from the list of currently open Google Chrome tabs.

Leaving the Meeting

To leave the meeting, click the Leave button:

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