After you have started or joined a meeting, the system displays the Meeting Window:

After joining a conference the participant’s video is switched off by default. It’s only the participant himself who can switch it on, by clicking the Enable Video button. The video camera will be enabled.

111111The start video button.

111111The stop video button.

111111The enable microphone button.

111111The disable microphone button.
The Meeting Window contains the following sections:
The Mode Panel contains the following elements:
The Information button: Opens the window with the information about the conference.
Video Layout: Drop-box list with video layout modes in the right upper corner.
The Enter Full Screen/ Exit Full Screen buttons: Switching between the Full Screen mode and the Standard Screen mode.

Working Area: Is used to display videos of the meeting participants, and also for screen/document sharing, file uploading, visualization purposes, and polling. Up to 9 participant videos can be displayed in the Working Area by default.
Control Panel: Contains all the meeting options.
Sidebar: Contains the Participant area and the Chat area.
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