You can download all the software you need under the Software Download tab, which is located at . This tab can also be accessed from the More menu on the VideoMost start page for an unauthorized user.
Special software may be required to participate in video conferencing. The installation of this software occurs when the user first connects to the video conference.
The service is configured to use WebRTC technology, the use of special software is not required, and participation in the video conference is carried out using the Google Chrome browser. Using other browsers will automatically launch VM Proton.
The software required to use the VideoMost service is presented on the Downloads page:

VideoMost Proton
VideoMost Proton is a desktop VideoMost software client built on Electron framework and designed for videoconferencing. The installer can be downloaded on the Downloads page.

VideoMost Lite
VideoMost Lite is a dedicated VideoMost software client, based on FireFox ESR 38.0.1 and designed for videoconferencing. The system offers you to install VideoMost Lite when you join a conference for the first time.

Remote Control Service Installer
Remote Control Service Installer is required to be installed in case you need to give control of your desktop to some of the conference participants. When this service is installed, one of the conference participants can control your desktop while the other participants can watch it as a screen sharing.
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